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Entities in the Futures and Options trading system.

There are four entities in the futures and options trading system: Trading members, clearing members, professional clearing members and participants.

1. Trading members: are members members of NSE. They can trade either on their own account or on behalf of their clients including participants. The exchange assigns a trading member ID to each trading member. Each trading member can have more than one user. The number of users allowed for each trading member is notified by the exchange from time to time. Each user of a trading member must be registered with the exchange and is assigned a unique user ID. The unique trading member ID functions as a reference for all orders/trades of different users. This ID is common for all users of a particular trading member. It is the responsibility of the trading member to maintain adequate control over persons having access to the firms user IDs.

2. Clearing members: are members of NSCCL. They carry out risk management activities and confirmation/ inquiry of trades through the trading system.

3. Professional clearing members: A professional clearing members is a clearing member who is not a trading member. Typically, banks and custodians become professional clearing members and clear and settle for their trading members.

4. Participants: A participant is a client of trading members like financial institutions. These clients may trade through multiple trading members but settle through a single clearing member.

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