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Opportunity in commodity market for investors

There is saying that Indian investors come into the Equity and Commodity market after foreign investors. that is why Indian investors are not able to make money in stock market.
This is the right time for investors to make money as we know that commodity market has corrected to a large extend specially Gold and Silver so its a time to invest in Bullion (gold and silver). For COMEX trader they can invest in Gold around 1180 dollar and in Silver they can invest below 18-17 dollars. MCX traders/investors can invest in Gold at around 25500-25100, in silver they can invest below 38000-37000.
Next week tight for COMEX traders in Gold would be 1300$ and Silver 20$. Next week target for MCX traders would be in Gold 26800 and in Silver 42000, for currency traders Rupee has depreciated too much so to 61.10$ so it can be shot around 62-62.5 for the target of 59$.

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