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> Daily Tips Report | 2017-09-04

Package Script Given Date Closed Date

Type Initiate Price Stop Loss Target Closed Rs. In Points %Return Rs. Return Lotsize Margin
EquityTATACHEM2017-09-04, 09:33:02 AM2017-09-04, 10:34:35 AMBuy/STOP LOSS Triggered in588583.5592583.5-4.5-0.77%-765.315170.07100000
EquityTATAMOTORS2017-09-04, 09:25:40 AM2017-09-04, 11:05:31 AMBuy/STOP LOSS Triggered in394.5391.398391-3.5-0.89%-887.215253.49100000
EquityARVIND2017-09-04, 12:09:50 PM2017-09-04, 13:18:55 PMBuy/Book Profit376.5372.53793792.50.66%664265.6100000
EquityCOALINDIA2017-09-04, 15:04:58 PM2017-09-05, 14:57:15 PMBuy/Book Profit246.52362572547.53.04%3042.6405.68100000
EquityPFC2017-09-04, 15:07:16 PM2017-09-12, 09:18:19 AMBuy/Book Profit122.5114132127.755.254.29%4285.7325816.33100000
1.27% 6339.8025 500000
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